Bank Payment System Version 5.8 for SunSystems 6

Version 5.8 of LLP’ s Bank Payment System delivers more than 30 new features and enhancements.

Payment orders may now be prepared in two steps. In addition to the MP – Mark for Payment function there is now ME – Mark for Execution. The payment process may now therefore be split between two users. The first may select transactions for payment, saving them as a batch, and the second will then recall the batch, check all payment instructions within the batch and then create the payment file, and post to the General Ledger. This enables the division of responsibility between team members.

In some circumstances, however, it may still be useful for a single user to perform both steps. This is helpful when there is a delay between initial payment preparation and payment execution because of an internal approval process external to the system, for example if payment execution is conditional on a signature on a printed payment listing.

Selection of invoices for payment is now enhanced by the possibility of selecting invoices based on two separate analysis dimensions. Furthermore, it is possible now to select non-consecutive codes from the code list (you are no longer constrained by a single From and To range). This enhancement applies to Accounts, Analysis Dimensions, Journal Types and Currencies. Additionally, we have increased the number and usage of Additional Description fields in the main ledger, both on payments and on posted statements.

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