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We like the BPS system, because it is easy to use and is seamlessly integrated with SunSystems. Online processing of payments saves us a lot of time in comparison with the man-days needed in the past. What we like most is the statement processing with its automatic matching of payments to open items as well as direct payments. Its self-learning mechanism and posting presets make the process quick and accurate with practically no space for any potential human errors.

Mirka Hasmanova

Head of Financial Integrity & Control, American Express

In October 2012 3M in Slovakia experienced a major organizational change when it transformed from a branch office to an independent subsidiary. Since then, our newly formed financial department has taken over a wide range of financial and accounting operations which were not processed locally in the past, including regular monthly reporting. We have been using SunSystems accounting software with its Bank Payment System module for one year already, and we highly appreciate its accuracy and functionality. In the meantime, we can’t imagine our daily operations and monthly closing being faster without it. The Bank Payment System significantly shortens the time it takes to book and match bank statement transactions, both receivables and payables. In both cases, it directly saves transactional costs (bank fees) using the summary payments functionality. 3M has its subsidiaries all over the world. In a CEE region there are two other countries with a similar set-up of financial processes – Bulgaria and Romania in which Bank Payment System was also successfully implemented thanks to its intelligent country-by-country parameters.

Peter Srpon

Finance Manager, 3M Slovakia

We have been using BPS for many years. We started with implementation in one company and ended up using it across all our companies and countries in region. The key factor for roll out was the statement processing part of the system which differentiates the BPS form other available systems and which we can confirm “really works.” Each country and every bank needed a different approach but with Bank Payment System we were able easily to succeed thanks to the customer-oriented method of implementation.

BPS posts bank fees and other charges automatically with the use of analysis codes that save countless hours reducing the month end closing process from days to a matter of hours.

Vladimir Koren

Head of Financial Reporting & Applications, AXA Czech Republic

We implemented SunSystems 4.4.2 last year. We have a large number of clients, both corporate and individual, and manual booking took a lot of our time daily. After the BPS implementation, we process more than 60 banking transactions every day, avoiding double entry of data. Transactions are booked in SunSystems after completion of the BPS processes. A number of operations, including service fees charged by our bank, are successfully detected and automatically registered in SunSystems. The main reason we chose the Bank Payment System was to speed up the processing, to avoid double entry and additional reconciliation. We are ensured that all the transactions will be processed in time. And we would recommend BPS for the hotels of our group and others.

Nabi Bayramov

Director of Finance, St.Regis Nur-Sultan Hotel

We have been using the Bank Payment System with SunSystems 4 for several years. We have a large number of customers – both corporate and individual – and we process over 50 bank transactions using BPS each day, avoiding double entry of data. Transactions are booked in SunSystems after completion of the BPS processes. A number of operations including bank charges are successfully detected and booked automatically in SunSystems. The main reason why we chose the Bank Payment System was to avoid double entry and additional reconciliation, and because the BPS recognises commissions that Citibank doesn’t show separately in statements.

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