Bank Payment System for Infor SunSystems


Latest updates on functionality and product versions.

Bank Payment System reaches 40 interface mark for one client

We´ve reached a very impressive milestone with one of our multinational clients. They´re actively using Bank Payment System to interface with 40 different bank formats in more than 15 countries.

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St. Regis Nur-Sultan Hotel chooses LLP’s Bank Payment System

St. Regis Nur-Sultan Hotel in Kazakhstan has chosen LLP’s Bank Payment System to automate bank statement processing and payment instructions in Infor’s SunSystems accounting system.

We implemented SunSystems 4.4.2 last year. We have a large number of clients, both corporate and individual, and manual booking took a lot of our time daily. After the BPS implementation, we process more than 60 banking transactions every day, avoiding double entry of data. Transactions are booked in SunSystems after completion of the BPS processes. A number of operations, including service fees charged by our bank, are successfully detected and automatically registered in SunSystems,” said Nabi Bayramov, Director of Finance, St.Regis Nur-Sultan Hotel.

The main reason we chose the Bank Payment System was to speed up the processing, to avoid double entry and additional reconciliation. We are ensured that all the transactions will be processed in time. And we would recommend BPS for the hotels of our group and others,” added Nabi Bayramov.

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Bank Payment System version 6.4.3 now available

We’ve just released version 6.4.3. of our Bank Payment System, available for SunSystems 6.2, 6.3 and 6.4.

The main enhancements include:

– A new option that allows an automatic run of ‘Index Transactions’ before statement processing

– A new action ‘Check Account Number’ in ‘Mark for Payment/Payment Execution’ which validates bank account numbers against a programmed validation algorithm

– A new action ‘Release All’ to clear all users from BPS

– A new security feature that prohibits Second ‘Transfer’ in ‘Mark for Payment/Payment Execution’

– A new feature that allows ‘Summary Order’ in ‘Payment Execution’

– A new Text Matching feature that allows prioritization of search terms

– Index Transaction is now included in BPS backup file

– Ledger import files are enriched by mandatory values for SSC (useful for automatic ledger imports by SunSystems Connect)

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Sprechen Sie Deutsch? So does Bank Payment System.

Our Bank Payment System is available in German. You can also select English, French, or Spanish as your language preference. All language options have built-in support for country-specific character sets in a single environment.

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The Bank Payment handles statements from 80+ banks

Our Bank Payment System sends payment instructions and reads electronic bank statements from 80+ banks including ABN Amro, CitiBank, Deutsche Bank, HSBC, Bank of America, JPMorgan, KBC, ING, Societé Générale, Royal Bank of Scotland, UniCredit Bank and many more.

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Bank Payment System is now compliant with SunSystems 6.4

We’ve just released a new version of our Bank Payment System compliant with the latest SunSystems version 6.4. The Bank Payment System version 6.4.2 supports both SunSystems 6.3 Patch Set 21+ and SunSystems 6.4.

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Bank Payment System runs on 5 continents

Clients on five continents use our Bank Payment System – in Europe, North and South America, Africa, Asia, and Australia.  Our BPS works with 88 banks worldwide.

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Bank Payment System version 6.4.0 now available

We’ve just released version 6.4.0 of our Bank Payment System, available for SunSystems 6.2 and 6.3.

The main new features include:

– Both incoming and outgoing bank files now support any number of country-specific character sets in one single environment, so there are no more limitations with server locale.

– Payment History covers all details from original lines even after summarization. These data are available both in the payment file generation action and for email remittance generation.

– Process Bank Statement supports restriction of ‘Accounting Entity’ (supporting Balance by L-code SunSystems feature) for the manual/automatic matching process. This restriction is configurable at own Bank Account Number level.

– Select for Payment and Process Bank Statement is simplified. Some messages are called only under special conditions, thus fewer clicks are needed.

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Still thinking about it? This is what one of our clients has said about our BPS.

“Approximately 3,000 transactions go through the Bank Payment System each month. With this system, we save time while ensuring the accuracy of our accounting, the traceability of all transactions, and also to remain compliant with our internal audit requirements.”

Jan Slunsky, Vice President of Financial Systems, Menzies Aviation

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It’s quick. Bank Payment System formatters within 10 days.

We can deliver a bank formatter to provide an interface between our software and your banking application within 10 days from the time you send us your final requirements, sample files and bank format specification.

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