Bank Payment System version 6.4.0 now available

We’ve just released version 6.4.0 of our Bank Payment System, available for SunSystems 6.2 and 6.3.

The main new features include:

– Both incoming and outgoing bank files now support any number of country-specific character sets in one single environment, so there are no more limitations with server locale.

– Payment History covers all details from original lines even after summarization. These data are available both in the payment file generation action and for email remittance generation.

– Process Bank Statement supports restriction of ‘Accounting Entity’ (supporting Balance by L-code SunSystems feature) for the manual/automatic matching process. This restriction is configurable at own Bank Account Number level.

– Select for Payment and Process Bank Statement is simplified. Some messages are called only under special conditions, thus fewer clicks are needed.

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