Bank Payment System version 6.4.3 now available

We’ve just released version 6.4.3. of our Bank Payment System, available for SunSystems 6.2, 6.3 and 6.4.

The main enhancements include:

– A new option that allows an automatic run of ‘Index Transactions’ before statement processing

– A new action ‘Check Account Number’ in ‘Mark for Payment/Payment Execution’ which validates bank account numbers against a programmed validation algorithm

– A new action ‘Release All’ to clear all users from BPS

– A new security feature that prohibits Second ‘Transfer’ in ‘Mark for Payment/Payment Execution’

– A new feature that allows ‘Summary Order’ in ‘Payment Execution’

– A new Text Matching feature that allows prioritization of search terms

– Index Transaction is now included in BPS backup file

– Ledger import files are enriched by mandatory values for SSC (useful for automatic ledger imports by SunSystems Connect)

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