Bank Payment System version 6.4.4 now available

We’ve just released version 6.4.4. of Bank Payment System, available for Infor SunSystems 6.2, 6.3, and 6.4.

The main enhancements include:

 – Improved T-code Balancing Features. BPS now filters out unrelated transactions so they are not displayed during manual matching. This process is controlled by the new parameter “Apply SYPA for Manual Matching” at the set-up level offering the user better control and fewer opportunities for error.

 – Bank Account Number Validation. “Check Account Number” is a new action included in Mark for Payment/Payment Execution. Parameters needed to verify payee bank account numbers can be programmed and called up by this action. Note: IBAN verification is still included in the core functionality.

 – Summary Order Feature. BPS now includes a summary order feature during payment execution. Invoices posted on multiple lines to the supplier’s account are combined into a single payment. This feature is heavily used by clients in several regions.

 – Focus mainly on the unmatched transaction. During statement procession, the BPS now supports automatic hiding of matched transactions, this behavior is controlled by settings; hidden rows can be displayed if needed. The user can only focus on rows that require manual intervention.

 – More support of SSC flow. Ledger import files (generated after payment or statement processing) are now enriched by additional values useful for SunSystems Connect (SSC).

 – Email remittances improved. Email remittances can be re-send in the Payment History function, and all details (in case of a summarization) are now available here.

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